And then there were feet…

DSC01525Matt and I are still smiling. It feels so good to be on the other side of the surgery…to be in the land of recovery, liner fittings, and great visits to Next Step Bionics and Prosthetics in Newton, Ma, where we were today.

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Arthur Graham

Arthur got the liners in and wanted to get Cade fitted so he could wear them over the weekend. It’s going to take practice on our part to put them on properly and incorporate it into our routine. From what I can gather, it looks a lot like putting on panty hose. Try explaining that to your husband. 🙂 I’m thankful for Matt’s consistency in attending all the appointments, it feels more doable with him around and then he can see Arthur put things on Cade and I don’t have to explain my panty hose analogy.



Our little trooper still has healing surgical wounds and sutures that haven’t dissolved completely yet. One thing I don’t think I expected in this recovery window was how much dry skin he’d have on his lower legs and new stumps. It’s peeling off every time we put a sock on or slid up his compression stockings. His lower limbs are still tender but Matt tickled his little stumps yesterday and Cade giggled. DSC01513

Bless Arthur’s heart. He’s so patient with Cade. We are thankful. And today he handed me a little foot. The teeny little foot that will go on the end of his prosthetic boot, once that is made. Now the fun begins. Shoe shopping. It seems pretty trivial in light of all that has happened thus far but having never bought a baby shoe before, we’re pretty excited. As we were leaving I asked Matt what shoes we should buy. photo (2)Without hesitation Matt exclaimed, “Air Jordans.” Really? Air Jordans? I was picturing cute little baby moccasins or Toms. Something soft and teeny. We’ll see. But our hearts are joyful as we move further in this journey. Thankful for continued healing, support from friends and family and the experts that will make this journey easier.

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  • Joni Jackson

    My heart rejoices with you, dear ones..

  • Nana Cheryl

    Awwww, he will have an entire shoe wardrobe very soon! Nana has been waiting forever to buy little baby shoes. I’ll let Matt and you get his first baby Air Jordan’s. 🙂 Love how quickly this unknown and sometime’s scary part of Cade’s journey has gone past. And still he grins that beautiful, sweet grin……

    Nana ❤️

  • Rodney and Jennifer Rinard

    Reading your blog entries is like looking into the mirror and the future at the same time. Yeah, our son Jude has never worn shoes seems kinda strange but at the same time we’re not bothered by it.
    We’ve scheduled Jude’s surgery for Feb 5 2015. Reading your posts helps us anticipate what is coming up for us. It’s nice. Thank you for sharing.

  • Mark Ford

    What a miracle! I Love it!

  • Kara Stokes


    My heart is overjoyed for you guys. I can’t wait to see you both so I can hug you all!

    AHHHHHHH!!!!! FEET!!!!!

  • Marc Richards

    Thank you for sharing Jackie. It’s so awesome to see how far you have come. We will continue to pray for more successes.

  • Matt

    So happy to speak with Matt on his birthday and hear things are going so well for you all. Happy Holidays!

  • Is he bilateral trans knee or above knee? My 4 year old daughter is BAKA since just before a year old. Feel free to contact me with any questions, or check out my blog
    Your little guy will surprise you (and everyone who sees him,) with all he can do!

    PS. I know what you mean about the shoes! For a kid with no feet, my daughter has an absurd number of shoes… By the way, it is quite handy to be able top try shoes on your child’s feet without taking the child shopping with you!

    • Jackie

      Hi Miranda! Your little girl is so sweet! Cade has bilateral fibular hemimelia and had a bilateral Symes amputation (essentially a foot amputation) on Nov. 6th. He’s doing great and was just fitted for his first set of bilateral below the knee prosthetics. It’s amazing to see these little ones doing so well at all different stages. Blessings! -Jackie

  • Thank you Jackie for sharing your journey with Cade and Matthew with us! You have truly found your gift in writing! Faith and I are still praying for all of you that God would continue to guide and direct you and all the professionals that he places in your lives. Cade is going to be and amazing young man. I feel that so strongly in my gut. He is going to be a world changer. So proud of all of you. Stay strong and keep leaning into the wind. Be blessed sweetie and Have the Best Christmas Ever! Love to you, today..and always.

  • Wendy Kleker

    So glad to see things are going good with Cade! And that he will soon have feet. Wow what a step! I showed the pics to John, tell Matt, and he was happy to see Cade is doing so well. We’ve been praying for all of you. Praise be to our God! Love you guys! Wendy

  • Nancy Hacker

    Such a great story! We have been working with Arthur for over 13 years with my 25 year old daughter who has a prosthetic leg. He was one of the kindest, most gentle people we’ve dealt with. Everyone at Next Step has been absolutely wonderful! Continue prayers on your journey!

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