All I Want For Christmas Are These Two Sweet Feet

DSC02098So the shoe shopping was a bit harder than expected. I even took Saturday off of work to go downtown with Matt and Cade. Our goal was three-fold: 1) Find our baby some adorable first shoes 2) Get in the holiday spirit by enjoying the Christmas decorations in the city and 3) Make Cade cry then put him quickly into Santa’s arms for an epic first Santa picture.

Whelp. The downtown mall was surprisingly void of baby shoe places. Our one choice, Jack and Janie, had no shoes that would work. We learned quickly that baby Cade needs lace up shoes or a highly elastic upper part of the shoe in order for the prosthetic foot to slip in. We found one pair in Baby Gap that would have worked but I just couldn’t commit, it didn’t seem special enough. I ended up feeling lousier and lousier as the day wore on ending up with a fever, chills and sore throat by that night (NO fun!), Santa had gone home for the day by the time we found him so that didn’t pan out and some of the Christmas-y atmosphere Boston is usually pretty good at was diminished by protesters lying in the streets.

DSC01927 DSC01910

So as sad as dad was to not go shopping for shoes, momma and Cade headed to Nordstroms today. Ahhh. Nordstroms. Now we’re talking. Shoes, shoes, sneakers galore and then I spy them…baby moccasins. Freshly Picked sweet little brown moccasins. And they fit. The tab part is fully elastic so they slipped right on. I know I know, cute and expensive but just how practical are they Jackie. Now clearly they don’t have grip on the soles so I went ahead and bought a back up pair of navy Converse sneakers. But I am not sorry for giving in to the cute shoes because he’s a baby and this is the first pair I’ve ever gotten to buy. Sorry hubs, no Air Jordans at Nordstroms.


Cade and I went straight from Nordstroms to NextStep Prosthetics. Arthur and his coworkers are working VERY hard and VERY quickly to get Cade’s first set of below the knee prosthetics ready by Friday when we leave for California. Because the grandmas said all they wanted for Christmas were Cade’s feet. 🙂


This last Friday, they took the casts of Cade’s lower legs wearing his silicon liners and today Arthur was fitting the liners into a plastic socket that was created using those molds of Cade’s sweet little legs. At the end of the plastic socket, the little prostethic foot is attached via screw. My cute husband actually thought he’d get to use a power tool every morning to put Cade’s feet on. Oh dear. No honey, no drills on the baby please.

DSC01977 DSC01989

NextStep Prosthetics has engineered a little velcro strap that attaches the silicon liner to the plastic socket so the leg doesn’t fall off. Brilliant! It is on the outside of this plastic socket that our creativity gets to come out, well, until Cade has an opinion, SO I’m soaking up these days of momma-approved prints because if he really is my child, he’ll be very opinionated. We can choose ANY fabric print from Joanns Fabrics or even from Cade’s outgrown clothes to add a pattern to the leg. Matt had the idea to use our favorite pair of Cade’s PJs. They are cream and have the word “Hi” printed all over them in grey. Many a night we poked Cade all over saying “Hi Hi Hi” and he would squeal. Sweet memories, and now it will be on his first set of prosthetic legs forever. How very perfect.


On the sentimental side, both Matt and I had to hold back tears when we saw Cade with feet on the ends of his legs for the first time. What a moment. I’m reminded by how tall this mountain looked from the bottom. Those early pregnancy days when I thought, “there is no way I can scale that. I’m just not strong enough, brave enough, capable enough.” And now standing near-ish the top, I look down and see that sack of tears and think, “I did it. I came through that. AND more importantly. I’d do it ALL OVER AGAIN.” Because one hearty laugh from that blue-eyed baby and I want to bite him he’s so cute. I reminded ONCE AGAIN that we ALL have situations like this. Situations that place us in front of a mountain. Climb it my friends. It’s a beautiful view.

DSC02026 DSC02129

DSC02111 DSC02110



“Taste and see that the LORD is good. Oh, the joys of those who trust in Him!”                   –Psalm 34:8


  • Aimee

    I have to tell you the baby moccasins (and the like) are all my babies wore for years! They are nice and not as slippery as they look. Cade is looking so big and proud of his new legs and his ability to stand! You must be so proud of your little man! I’m glad you are feeling like you are scaling that mountain! You’re an incredible momma!

  • Joni Jackson

    Filled to overflowing and completely speechless. Love you three so very much.

  • Cheryl Hempel

    Oh my, Jackie! How beautiful. Tears one minute and laughing the next while reading this. I cannot wait to see my Christmas gift in person……Cade with two new feet and wearing brand new Christmas shoes 🙂 JOYOUS Christmas indeed! Mom/Nana

  • Traci

    Oh Matt and Jackie How far all 3 of you have come…and knowing this little guy is going to shine brighter and brighter in your life…Priceless!

  • Thank you for sharing your story. Cade is such a handsome little boy!! My Grandson will be having his surgery in January and we are so nervous. They are such good parents, hoping that they are doing the right thing. He was born with Tibia Hem/.L leg only. We have been blessed as he such a little go getter. He will be one next month. Hoping you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!

  • Well My Dear Jackie..Tears are still streaming down my cheeks accompanied by a smile of gratitude and amazement at how Good God is. Precious were right in saying that you were not strong enough to climb that mountain…Not alone, anyway. He has carried you, Matthew and Sweet Gorgeous Cade and you Are nearing the top! Until of course another mountain comes, as they often do in this journey and with each mountain that you face you will be able to look back over your shoulder and gain more strength with each and every step, press in forward, knowing that He is right there with you all the way.
    “I will NEVER leave you, nor forsake you”.
    So looking forward to the possibilities of seeing all three of you soon and hugging your necks! Merry, Merry Christmas!! XOXO Lisa

  • Michelle Kleker

    Thanks for continuing to share this journey! Your words are so inspiring. Our little Cade with feet, this Grandma is filled with love and thanksgiving! There is simply no better Christmas gift. I cannot wait to hug you all.

    Thanks Jackie, I love you, you make me smile.

    Grandma Michelle

  • Wendy Kleker

    So happy for you, Matt and Cade. Cade looks so awestruck when he’s standing. That expression is priceless. I love your writing, feel like I was right there. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. I would love some day to meet you. Hope that happens. In the meantime I am praying for you all. Keep climbing and enjoy the view and the rest on the top! Love Wendy

  • Laurie Kleker

    We are so happy for the blessings you have been given thru our Lord and Savior. Caedmon is a beautiful little boy and seems to be taking it all in stride. We love and pray for you everyday. Love Bob and Laurie Kleker

  • Grace Bohannan

    On the mountain top we get to see the peripheral view of awesomeness. Thank you for sharing. You go Cade!!!!!

  • Margo Aparicio

    Jackie, I’m sure you must be aware by posting your blog, you are inspiring and uplifting others who are setting off on the same journey you are beautifully sharing. I hope your blog will continue throughout his many steps up his own mountain. He LOVES his new shoes, too. He’s trying to eat them! Gorgeous baby, wonderful photos. Happy Christmas to you and yours, and my your New Year be one filled with great milestones for you, Matt and Cade.

  • Matt Iaconis

    Thank you for sharing, Jackie! I trust you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! I cannot wait until we see each other again!

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