Six Months Post Surgery

DSC06267It has been 6 months since Cade’s bilateral Symes Amputation at Boston Children’s Hospital and he’s doing great. I wouldn’t choose to go back to those before surgery moments, in spite of how cute he was at that age, because the anxiety leading up to handing your baby over to surgeons is not fun. I WAY prefer to be on this side of the surgery, after the healing and appointments, but am thankful for all these 6 months has taught us.

Each morning, we put on his liners and prosthetics shortly after breakfast and he wears them until bath time after dinner, with the exception of taking off just the hard prostethics while he naps. Cade has tolerated the liners well, he’s never had skin irritation or a rash, thank goodness. NextStep Prosthetics has made minor adjustments to improve his balance along the way but he is still in that cute, initial pair and has grown into them nicely.DSC06345

DSC06266Although still not freely walking, Cade cruises the furniture, the kitchen cabinets, the walls. He’s on his feet all day long and getting stronger. Boy does that boy like to climb stairs…and then fly head first down them (much to his momma’s horror). Two weeks ago Cade pushed his wooden radio flyer push toy across the bedroom and we about screamed for joy. What that showed us was that he was able to balance himself and only push far enough forward until he could take another step. For us that was a big break through. As eager as I am for my little super hero to take off, I also realize he is only 14 months old and has far more obstacles to overcome than the “normal” walking toddler, with the “normal” walking range being 9-18 months. So my sweet kiddo, you can take all the time you need.

DSC05829With this new found balance and furniture cruising, Cade’s favorite activities involve getting into things. Trying to wrangle the baby gates so he can take on the stairs while momma is not looking. Trying to get into the cupboards so he can assist momma / trip her while she is trying to prepare meals. This also means we have a new found love for playgrounds and slides (which he prefers to go down head first). All boy? I sure think so. He’s added to his vocabulary “bubbles”, “poo poo” and “purple” and “ba” (sheep) to his animal sounds. He loves his “da da” and has all but forgotten how to say “ma ma”…unless he wants something really badly, then it sounds like “maaaa maaaa maaaa” in the whinest, most annoying voice ever.DSC06240

We are thankful for each step along Cade’s journey–for what it is teaching us about overcoming the obstacles we each have in our lives and how we view people on our daily encounter. We see Cade thriving and love every day. We are of course, always thankful for those people in our lives who have been our encouragement and sources of light through this FH journey.

“Praise the Lord; praise God our savior! For each day He carries us in His arms.” -Psalm 68:19




  • Debbie Hodgkiss

    I am so thrilled to see how well Cade is doing! You weren’t much holder than he is when I started baby sitting you and he looks so much like you. What a precious little boy! And he has no idea how lucky he is to have the awesome parents God has given him! I look forward to your blog updates and am so excited for your future’s!

  • traci

    He is a beutiful miracle, I look forward to meeting him one day.

  • Katy

    I just wanted to say hi as our son is 11 months old and had bilateral symes last week. So great to see how well Cade is doing and we look forward to George getting to 6 months post surgery too!

    Best wishes
    Katy xx

  • Patti Reiser


    I look forward to your updates and fully enjoy reading them.

    Love the photos of that beautiful child and look forward to them too.

    I am waiting for the next update with Cade running everywhere and getting into even more mischief.


  • Mark Ford

    I Love reading your posts! I share them with others because they are so encouraging! I can’t believe how much that little cutie has grown, since we saw him last. We sure do miss you guys!

  • Margo Aparicio

    It’s been about 6 months since you’ve seen anything but snow in Boston, so it must be so freeing for all of you to be able to finger paint outdoors. What precious pictures, and what great news about Cade’s progress! With 9-18 months as the average age for a baby to start walking, it seems as if he is right in the middle range in his progress even for “normal” babies. I’d say that’s pretty amazing. Keep the updates coming. He’s your baby, but he’s everybody’s child. Happy Mother’s Day to you, Jackie!

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