DSC02211Blessings. They come in many forms don’t they? I glanced around. Toddler down and kicking. Must be a frustration tantrum—his new ride on firetruck got stuck on the rug. Baby. Well. He was screaming. Surprised? Nope, the “Kai Kai all I do is cry cry” special. Hubby trying to figure out which one to grab first. I couldn’t help but smile. And here all we were trying to do was get Facetime to work so we could include family in the memory making chaos. Imperfect PERFECTION. Merry Christmas.


Blessings. Oh how sweet they are. This has been a trying season. A dairy-free, soy-free, SLEEP-free season of beauty. The Lord (knowing if snow was added to this mix I’d be admitted to the insane asylum) has decided to give us the most glorious of weather seasons. And it has been sanity to my soul. You walk outside WITHOUT a big hefty coat of sadness-wicking fluff only to breathe deeply the sweet crisp air. A Napa, California winter in the heart of New England. We’ve walked and walked and walked. Kai sleeps, Cade mimics firetruck noises (we-o, we-o, we-o) trying to wish one into appearing that second. I breathe and walk and breathe and walk. Baby weight is stubborn this time around. I think my scale is broken. It’s stuck on one number and not budging. Oh well. Breathe and walk, breathe and walk, breathe and walk.DSC02261

DSC02063 DSC02085DSC02041

Blessings. Choose to see them I tell my soul. Because it is so much easier not to. Don’t fall into that Jackie. Between diapers, meals and toys (OH SO MANY TOYS) you can lose sight of them. But then the other night, I was getting in the shower and saw two little socks flung under a stool in the bathroom. It caught me off guard, the memory of hope from so long ago. Wanting so badly to have little feet to put those socks on. And then Cade came and I was still wanting so badly for him to have feet to put little socks on. And now there is another who actually needs the little socks on his feet and his difficult little personality had me almost wishing those little socks away. Blessings. Choose to see them. We don’t get to chose them. But we DO get to name them as blessings. See them as such and live with them. What are your blessings. Name them. See them. Live them with joy. Merry Christmas, merry everything season my friends.DSC02254DSC02235DSC02203



  • Patti

    Another wonderful piece of writing. You captured motherhood in such an honest way. Baby blessings are so wonderful and difficult all at the same time.

    I wish you all a healthy and happy new year.


  • Traci Yoshitomi

    Your post are amazing. I really enjoy watching your family grow and seeing the wonderful changes and adventures you all share. Thanks I am truly blessed to see you in all of this.

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